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As noted by the Construction Management Association of America, there are seven areas of focus for a Construction Manager. They include project management planning, cost management, time management, quality management, contract administration, safety management and construction management professional practice.

Construction & Construction Management

EBI offers a full range of high-value, “start-to-finish” pre-construction, construction and construction management services. We provide structural engineering, Geo-tech engineering,  soil surveys, architectural design, research, project management, sub-contracting and construction. We have the necessary capabilities, professional talent, universal reach and capital to offer our clients fully-integrated project delivery services that set new standards in quality, value, timeliness and cost efficiency. 

Pre-Construction Services: 

Our pre-construction services ensure maximum return on your investment and your expectations; including: Seasoned project planning, coordination and project management. Value engineering, constructability review, and project ROI analysis. Materials research and specification with client approval before estimating and procurement. The harvesting and re-purposing of reusable demolition materials, (or donation of them to others who can re-purpose them). Broad industry knowledge base and supplier resources. Precise material specification and procurement.  Experienced scheduling and project management. Securing all necessary: zoning, building, electrical, plumbing, HVAC permits.

Proprietary project-specific strategies and document procedures based on our best practices and standard operating procedures, including: Detailed, clearly defined procurement and subcontract administration procedures that control costs and minimize delays, yet allow for the flexibility and open communication with our clients that is so critical when Client change-order requests arise. Whenever possible  we employ local disadvantaged and small-business vendors and subcontractors. State-of-the-art estimating methods and virtual construction technology delivered by our multidisciplined team of expert associates. Value engineering and detailed constructability reviews to ensure optimum value for each dollar spent without degrading performance, quality, reliability or maintainability.

We believe our positive relationships with vendors and subcontractors are central to the successful completion of our projects.

Construction Services:

We provide construction services that integrate schedule and cost control into day-to-day activities to keep projects on schedule and on budget. These include project management, project controls, subcontractor outreach, risk management services, self-performance, design management, and many more, such as: 

  • A program that integrates subcontractors into the project team, ensures a safe workplace for all project participants, provides clear identification and understanding of subcontractor responsibilities and opens lines of communication. 
  • Commissioning and start-up strategies that facilitate rapid and successful start-up and turnover, using advanced process models and electronic Operation and Maintenance Manuals. 
  • Formal, tailored partnering methods that create a supportive teamwork atmosphere with all stakeholders and help reduce the risk of cost escalation and litigation, expedite projects and identify and resolve issues early. 
  • State-of-the-art risk management tools to assess, manage and mitigate risk, and coordinate and manage all aspects of a project, including documents, submittals, change orders, client communication, subcontractor and vendor costs and schedules.


Our post construction services are tailored to assist our Clients to simplify ownership of and maximize the performance and satisfaction from, the project that we have constructed for them. These services can be provided as a complete package or as individual services that complement a Clients capability to maintain their new property and can include:

  • Annual smoke detector battery replacement. 
  • Seasonal equipment inspection, testing, replacement, start up and run-off. (Sump pump, ejector pit, up-flush toilets systems, etc.)
  • Scheduled monthly standby generator testing, servicing and reporting.
  • Scheduled annual HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems and equipment inspection & servicing.
  • Exterior envelope inspection and winterizing:
  • Roof & chimney inspections 
  • Gutter & downspouts, & drainage tile inspections and cleanings.
  • Weatherproofing, caulking windows & doors.
  • Awning removal and storage
  • Sprinkler system draining and winterizing.
  • Pool maintenance and draining
  • Tree trimming pruning, planting.
  • Snow removal walk clearing, salting.
  • Holiday lighting and decoration services.